Remove Selected Device ?

WARNING: When you remove a device you will not be able to use the app on that device anymore. You will not be able to open the app to view your credentials or use the app to log into sites. Also, all backups for that device are removed. This means that you will not be able to restore the data that was stored on that device.

If you have lost your device, use the LOCK option on the My Accounts page of the website to temporarily disable the app on that device until it is found. If you are replacing your device with a new device, locate the Restore Key (QR code) email that was sent when you originally registered that device. If you cannot find it, resend the Restore Key from the Settings menu on the app, then use the LOCK option to disable the old device. REGISTER your new device, then scan the Restore Key QR Code to restore all of your sites to the new device.

IMPORTANT: Do not add any sites to your new device until you have restored all of your old sites using the Restore Key.